Captiva Island

Florida Beach

Florida’s Captiva Island, sister to the larger Sanibel Island, is about 5 miles long and offers a friendly neighborhood lifestyle with many residents walking or driving golf carts along Andy Rosse Lane. The harbourside marinas provide a full range of water sports activities including kayak rentals, tour boats, fishing guides, parasail rides, and so much more. You’ll see some beautiful waterfront homes situated along the white sandy beaches where you can enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

The 2 Islands Gallery is a great place to find unique items created by local artists. Captiva Island’s Rauschenberg Residency is an artists' colony located on a 20 acre estate dedicated to the preservation of land, history, and the natural environment. Restaurants in the area boast unique and savory menu items like duck fingers, gator bites, and bubble bread. 

Residents remain active in the community and discuss local issues at the Captiva Civic Association, which also houses the Captiva Memorial Library and an exhibit room hosted by the Captiva Island Historical Society.

Captiva Beaches

Here are some of the popular beaches on Captiva Island.

  • Turner Beach: Also known as Blind Pass Beach, this beach offers beautiful sunsets, shelling opportunities, and fishing spots.
  • Captiva Beach: Located at the end of Captiva Drive, this beach is known for its white sand, clear waters, and stunning sunsets.
  • Alison Hagerup Beach Park: A picturesque beach near South Seas Island Resort, offering public parking and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Andy Rosse Lane Beach Access: A small beach access point near the heart of Captiva Village, offering a more intimate beach experience.

Fun Facts About Captiva Island

  • Sister Island: Captiva Island is often referred to as the "sister island" to Sanibel Island. It's smaller but equally charming.
  • Famous Residents: Renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg lived on Captiva Island for over 40 years and his property is now a residency program for artists.
  • Unique Wildlife: Captiva Island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including manatees, dolphins, and over 230 species of birds.
  • The Bubble Room: This famous restaurant on Captiva Island is known for its eclectic décor, which includes vintage toys and Christmas decorations year-round.
  • Chapel by the Sea: Originally built in 1903 as a schoolhouse, it was later converted into a chapel and is now a popular venue for weddings.
  • Captiva Cruises: From the island, you can take a number of different cruises to explore the surrounding islands and waters, including dolphin watching cruises, sunset cruises, and trips to Cabbage Key.
  • Golfing Paradise: South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island has a 9-hole golf course that offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Beach Treasures: Like Sanibel, Captiva Island is also known for its shelling opportunities. Many visitors come to the island in search of beautiful and unique seashells.
  • Tropical Fruits: Captiva Island is known for its tropical fruit trees, including mangoes, avocados, and citrus trees.

Eco-Tourism and Conservation Efforts

Captiva Island is deeply committed to eco-tourism and conservation efforts, focusing on preserving its pristine natural environment. Visitors are encouraged to participate in sustainable practices, such as supporting local conservation initiatives, engaging in responsible wildlife viewing, and minimizing their environmental impact by following Leave No Trace principles. The island promotes educational programs and eco-friendly activities that highlight the importance of protecting its unique ecosystem, ensuring that Captiva remains a beautiful and vibrant destination for future generations to enjoy.

Captiva Island Real Estate

Captiva Island, Florida has a vibrant real estate market offering a variety of options for potential homeowners. From waterfront properties that offer stunning views and direct access to the beach, to luxurious condos perfect for those seeking a low maintenance lifestyle, you'll find some great options to choose from. The island also boasts an array of single family homes. Discover a variety of property types on Captiva Island using the links below.

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