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6 Reasons Why Out-Of-Staters Should Move to Florida

Moving to Sanibel Island FloridaThinking about moving to Florida? Consider these appealing factors before making your decision.

Reason 1: Incredible weather year-round

Do you want to move from another part of the country where it gets chilly in the winter months? Live out your island fantasy every day in Sanibel, Florida. The coldest it gets in the winter months is around 50 degrees with highs at 75 degrees. The warm, comfortable weather is enough alone to move to Florida!

Reason 2: Beautiful beaches

Piggybacking off the incredible weather year-round, Florida has some gorgeous beaches. Sanibel Island ranks as one of the best beaches in Florida. Also, Sanibel is famous for shelling. See our guide here to give you pointers on where to look for the best shells.

Reason 3: No state income tax

So now you know the Florida landscape is beautiful, but you may be wondering about living and working in Florida. A major perk to relocating to Florida is the lack of state income tax. The state makes up for it by implementing a tourist tax on short-term rentals, so it’s in your best interest to commit to moving rather than making many short visits and renting.

Reason 4: Intense sports culture

Florida has an intense sports culture that will keep you on your toes. Including basketball, baseball, football, and hockey teams, there is not a lack of team spirit. The Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Tampa Rays, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins are all Florida sports teams. Sounds like it’s time to go shopping for a sports jersey for when you move to your new home state!

Reason 5: Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is a perk to moving to Florida. Florida is a melting pot of cultures, so there’s no shortage of festivals with a variety of different foods and types of music. Tampa and Miami are both a drivable distance from Sanibel Island. Be sure to take trips there to take advantage of the big city festivals and activities. Want to stay local for the day? Explore the quaint Sanibel Historical Museum and Village.

Reason 6: Variety of activities and day trips

Florida has several activities to choose from. There are national parks, Disney World, incredible beaches, and more. Sanibel Island, in particular, has scenic bike riding, fly fishing, historic lighthouses, dolphin cruises, and lovely restaurants. Want to experience it yourself? Contact Kingfisher Real Estate today to start the journey of buying your dream home in Florida.

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